Minutes of Everyday Racism


Every day people are subjected to racist discrimination in Germany. In our video series, for Amnesty International's "We Take Racism Personally" campaign, some of them share their experiences and counter strategies.

Header Video: “The beast of racism” concerns us all. Tupoka Ogette shares her experiences of being discriminated while giving anti-discrimination workshops. [2nd Camera: Chris Grodotzki]

We Take Racism Personally

Cem Efe is trainer of the football club SV Babelsberg 03. In a German regional league he’s not only fighting for scores but also against racist discrimination and a fan culture based on prejudice. [2nd Camera: Paul Lovis Wagner]


Nhi Le, a feminist blogger, slam poet, and model from Leipzig, gives account of the intersectional discrimination she faces as an Asian-German woman. [2nd Camera: Ruben Neugebauer]


…to be continued…