Hamburg | Germany | 21.12.2013

Demonstration for Rote Flora Squat and Lampedusa Refugees sparks riot.

Mazar-e-Sharif | Afghanistan | 17.01.2014

A young boy selling cotton candy at the market.

Würzburg | Germany | 19.04.2012

A young refugee girl gazes through a window of an asylum seekers' lager.

Kandersteg | Switzerland | 03.01.2013
Pitztal | Austria | 03.08.2011

Mountaineers ascend the Hochvernagt north face.

Pitztal | Austria | 02.08.2011

A mountaineer passing water at the base camp at the foot of the Hochvernagtwand.

North Sea | 28.04.2014

The Greenpeace Ship "Rainbow Warrior 3" chasing the first Russian export of arctic oil.

North Sea | 28.04.2014

Greenpeace Capitain Peter Willcox of the "Rainbow Warrior 3" up in the rigging, adjusting the sails.

Cres | Croatia | 27.08.2015

A technical diver at the Wreck of "Lina", an italian carrier sunk off the croatian island of Cres in 1914.

Brake | Germany | 17.09.2102

A SWAT police officer striking a flag of the environmental NGO Robin Wood after a blockade action against Indonesian palm oil.

Kobanê-Border | Turkey | 10.10.2014

A group of kurdish activists watches the fighting inside Kobanê/Syria from a balcony, on the turkish side of the border.

Diyarbakir/Amed | Turkey | 11.10.2014

A man displays the picture of a young Kurdish fighter, who died defending Kobane/Syria with the YPG peoples protection units against the Islamic State Group, at his funeral.

Diyarbakir/Amed | Turkey | 11.10.2014

A group of protesters set up a burning barricade in the city center and shoot fireworks at arriving police vehicles. For weeks kurdish youth has been protesting against the Islamic State Group's advance on Kobane/Syria and the turkish policy of standing back and interdicting all support for the Kurdish defenders.

Bil'in | West Bank | 15.02.2013

Tear Gas shrouds a couple of olive trees as israeli soldiers try to disperse the weekly demonstration of Bil'in citizens against the building of the separation wall and nearby israeli settlements on land expropriated from palestinian farmers.

Bethlehem | West Bank | 17.02.2013

The Israeli separation wall ranges along a muslim cemetery.

Jerusalem | 12.02.2013

Two street sweepers in the old town. From the series "Couples".

Tel Aviv | Israel | 24.02.2013

Tel Aviv citizens enjoing a sunny day at the beach promenade. From the series "Couples".

Obiliq | Kosovo | 06.08.2012

Two kids climb the wall, that surrounds the local Roma neighborhood.

Hannover | Germany | 23.04.2013

Solidarity demonstration vor the evicted IvI squat in Frankfurt.

Straßbourg | France | 04.04.09
Bogen | Germany | 09.03.13

Animal liberationists set up a blockade at a "Wiesenhof" slaughtering factory.

Gorleben | Germany | 09.11.2010

Mass blockade of the nuclear intermediate storage facility during the Castor transport.

Val di Mello | Italy | 24.07.2012
Mount Etna | Sicily | 25.06.2013

Environmental activist Michaël de Lijser.

Obiliq | Kosovo | 06.08.2012
Calais | France | 05.09.2011

A young morrocan migrant performing breakdance moves on the beach.

Senj | Croatia | 31.08.2012

Home of "The Outsiders of Uskoken Castle"

Kabul | Afghanistan | 16.01.2014

An young girl gazes at a passing by patrol vehicle of the german army.

Mazar-e-Sharif | Afghanistan | 21.01.2014

A muslim truckdriver prays on a parking area as a convoy of german "Dingo" APCs enters the ISAF Camp.

Mazar-e-Sharif | Afghanistan | 17.01.2014

Two boys, selling sweets and other stuff on the streets around the Blue Mosque, posing with a gum bubble.

Mazar-e-Sharif | Afghanistan | 17.01.2014

A gang of children, one of them a balloon seller, at a market in the city center.

Stuttgart | Germany | 30.09.2010

Two schoolgirls showing signs, saying "We are peaceful" during a police crackdown on the protest movement against "Stuttgart 21".

Stuttgart | Germany | 30.09.2010

Police crackdown on the protest movement against "Stuttgart 21".

Stuttgart | Germany | 18.10.2010

An old woman confronting police officers over the crackdown on the "Stuttgart 21"-Protests two weeks before.

Hamburg | Germany | 06.04.2013

About 2000 People rally against racist discrimination and for refugee rights.

Berlin | Germany | 20.09.2014

Feminist activists bust the fundamentalist christian "March for Life" with colorful Holi Festival Powder, in front of the german Parliament.

Gronau | Germany | 05.01.2014

A security guard watches anti-nuclear protesters in front of the Urenco uranium enritchment facility.

Berlin | Germany | 09.02.2015

Peng! Collectives' communication guerilla activist "Pjotr al-Wasabi".

Tübingen | Germany | 09.05.2012

From the reportage "A Man's Thing", about a young transgender-boy.

Saxon Switzerland | Germany | 23.04.2011

Bridge jumpers at an abandoned aqueduct.

Berlin | Germany | 20.01.2013

A tree squatter, protesting against the new A100 Highway, ascends to her living platform.

Berlin | Germany | 15.02.2013

Tree worker Jakob von Recklinghausen.

Black Forest | Germany | 12.12.2012

Greenpeace activists demanding a National Park area in the Black Forest.


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